Windows Phone 8XT


The Windows Phone 8XT by HTC is Sprint’s only current Windows phone. With HTC Beats Audio Boomsound, the dual speakers add an amazing amount of sound into your room, and you may not even want speakers because of how loud it can go.

Look & Feel – 7/10

The 8XT has a premium feel, and fits with a sleek display.  It is also a very thin phone, and it could slide into and out of your pocket with ease.  It also allows an easy sideways hold for movies and games. I also found that when playing games on the 8XT, it didn’t get as hot on the back as most phones do.

Camera – 6/10

The camera on the HTC 8XT is decent, but far from amazing. Comparing the 8XT’s camera to the Galaxy S4 or LG Optimus G’s… it’s decent at most.  It gets the job done, but doesn’t do it very well. The pictures with flash did tend to look a lot better than the pictures with out it, and the pictures in the dark were nice thanks to the ultrapixels.

Speakers – 7.5/10

The speakers were actually very good, but not as good as the HTC One’s.  The songs sounded very good, but I found the bottom speaker to be slightly quieter than the top one.  Overall, the speakers were an amazing integration into the 8XT, and probably one of the best parts about this phone.

Screen Display – 7/10

Although the screen ppi may only be 217, HTC has managed to create a screen that looks very nice, and a pretty nice sized screen as well.

Overall – 69% ( or 7/10)

Overall, HTC makes an all-around great phone with even greater speakers than most phones out today.  If you are looking for a good Windows Phone and have Sprint, this phone would make an awesome choice. It was also make a good choice if you want an easy to use phone that also happens to be fast.


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